Shabby Vintage Chic Giveaway!

GreenPartyGoods is ecstatic to debut a new line of Shabby Chic eco friendly items!  We hope you will adore the romantic and vintage appeal of these versatile treasures.  Nothing too precious or fussy, just a time worn effortless elegance.  In honor of our newest additions, we are celebrating all things romantic with a spectacular Shabby Vintage Chic Giveaway valued over $670.  What better way to celebrate love?  Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends! XOXOXO


Shabby Chic Partyware 

VALUE $80  


Recycled Glass Grey Beaded Necklace 30″ with sterling charm

VALUE $120 

No Facebook Page

metal-angelwings Metal Angel Wings Wall Sculpture

VALUE $100 

andersruff-ad2012-giveaway-04 Gift card for a Printable Party Package


WOA Black Heel

1 Pair of black heels

 VALUE $51


Gift card for any recycled glass earrings




Martha Stewart Pearl/Metallic Paint Set and 6 lavender door pulls


CarolinaCountryCraft-wooden letters

Three 8″ distressed letter in your color choice


DIstessed-saltand peppershakers

salt shaker/pepper mill set

VALUE $32.50

Petite FoursMini wafter cookie Petite Fours Gift Certificate


Lollipops2 Two 5-piece sets of our Mustache Party lollipops

 VALUE $24

Pretty in pink heart banner

Pretty in Pink Heart Garland


chandelier contestWhite chandelier that measures 14″ by 20″ 

VALUE $15.99

No Facebook Page

To enter you must like EVERY participating vendor’s Facebook page (if they have one). If they don’t have a FB page, you must visit their site.

Contest runs from January 25th until February 1st.

One winner takes all!

Good luck and lots of love from GreenPartyGoods!


Shabby Vintage Chic Giveaway! — 181 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to find out if I won! I’m loving everything I see here. What a great prize package!

  2. I fully support a contest that rewards the customer AND also helps to promote a range of fabulous, eco-friendly businesses, thank you!! (I couldn’t get the link for vintage confections to work, however, and wonder how you will verify that the winner followed the rules?!)

  3. Wow, cool photos! Those letters are great, the sweets look amazing and the heart garland makes my heart go thumpity thumpity.

  4. Hello, I adore the vintage shabby chic decor style…
    That is how I decorate our home and even my clothing
    reflects a vintage style!
    I “Liked” all of their Facebook Pages. ( Cindi Hoppes )
    Also, I visited all of their Sites and Etsy Shops and “Hearted”
    them. ( cmh51 )
    Many thanks for this one of the best prize package giveaways
    I have ever entered…

  5. I was just admiring the shabby chic party set on Via Blossom and it’s part of your giveaway. Love it!!!!

  6. What an amazing giveaway! I already “like” a lot of those pages– and have added the rest. Can’t wait to find out. Thank you!

  7. I’ve liked, friend requested, and visited all the pages :) hope I win. Good luck to everyone

  8. Thank you for the giveaway! I liked all the facebook pages, sent the etsy shop owners messages, and visited the martha stewart website. Liked her page on facebook and followed on pinterest! Oh and I emailed the store owner. :) Sent the lovely ladies friend requests that make the cute mustache pops and the beautiful angel wings!

  9. Liked all the pages that had FB pages and visited the sites of the rest!
    Danielle Murray Tallent

  10. Visited every site, and liked most already lol. Oh lala to the cookies, on Marion’s vintagebakery etsy site! Love the ings sculpture. This is an amazing giveaway! Goodluck to everyone!

  11. Hi ! I’ve been visiting and liking all the pages (faving the etsy shop).. don’t worry for the martha Stewart one, I visit the site everyday for recipes… But I’ve been enjoying all the eye candies every page and sites offer! And I Chant in my head “please let me win one of these!”
    If I win, it’ll be my greatest jackpot ever!

  12. What an amazing gift package! Everything is very unique. I visited all the above pages. Two of the facebook pages did not have “like” buttons (Anita Sperry and Heather Kelly). Love the recycled glass jewelery.

  13. I liked all the pages and visited their site. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. All the items are lovely.

  14. I love all of it, shabby chic is my life!! Thanks for the giveaway, I’d love to win any of it much less all of it!!

  15. I liked the pages I could one went to ETSY and I looked at it all really cool. Enjoy learning about the many sites thru these giveaways very much. Liked shared commented

  16. WOW, what a great giveaway! I “liked” all the pages, visited the others and even added the etsy shops to my favorites. I especially LOVE, WANT and NEED those colorful salt & pepper shakers.

  17. Love everything in this giveaway,visited and liked, what fun it was to explore and my wish list is getting bigger by the moment

  18. Shared, liked, and visited all! If I don’t win, I’m gonna figure out how to make that heart garland! Okay, who am I kidding??? I’ll have to buy!

  19. Hi and thanks for this great giveaway! I liked all the FB pages (Paula Lemos) and marked the Etsy shops as favorite. Please note that Bottledupdesigns website and their FB page are down and I couldn’t find a “like” button at so I can’t prove I liked these two sponsors :)

    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

    • Thank you for your comments. Bottledupdesigns FB is back up now & we just want you to visit asajewelry. Good luck!

  20. Thanks for this amazing giveaway! I have liked all the facebook pages and gone to all the websites. I love the bottled up designs so much! Can’t wait to see who the winners are!

  21. Liked all the facebook pages and visited the other sites :) Thanks for this giveaway:-)

  22. Hi , do we just comment to enter ? I liked all the pages , visited sites and I am now OBSESSED with getting those salt and pepper mills in every color I possibly can… I believe I will redesign my whole kitchen around them lol thanks so much ,

  23. Hello!!!

    I’m in love with the collection! Want it all!!

    I liked and visited all the sponsors!
    Looking forward for the prizes! =)


  24. I would love to win any of it, do you have to be a part of your classes. I would even pay the postage to have it sent to me. All the stuff is so neat. I guess you would say I was Vintage at age 73.

  25. Visited and liked everyones pages/sites :) Love all the goodies and hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. I liked all the facebook pages and visited the others.
    Leslie Malone

    livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com


  27. Thanks for the giveaway:) And A big thanks for the links to some great companies that will come in handy..Viewed and Liked them all:)
    Can’t wait to see who WINS!!YAY

  28. This is the best giveaway. I love everything! Thank you and the vendors for this fun and lovely giveaway. I visited them all and liked those on FB…I even favorited those on Etsy. Such talent!! Good Luck to everyone!

  29. I liked everyone’s page on FB! Thank you for an awesome giveaway! I love everything shown above! Good Luck to everyone!


  30. Wow Wee!!!! I absolutely Love (Liked) every one of these fantastic vendors!!!!! BTW, the Shabby Chic Line is Amazingly adorable! I would love to be the lucky gal that could win all of those terrific goodies, but even still, I found some great new shops to go spend money at! :D Congrats to everyone that enters!

  31. I could not get the Bottled Up Designs FB page to work, but I visited the website, as well as all the other links!

  32. I’m really loving all of the vendors in this contest. What a great idea to do this, and what cool and unique things that they all have! Im excited to keep visiting their FB pages and websites. Thx

  33. WONDERFUL prize pack! I liked all the facebook pages and visited the other sites. Thanks for the inspirations!

  34. I’m getting teary eyed at the dream of having all of the above items, to make our backyard garden wedding a day that everyone will remember. It would be perfect timing.

  35. Ok, I can’t stop daydreaming…from the earrings as my something blue, the necklaces as gifts to the bridal party, the salt & pepper shakers on the food table, the letters hanging on our fence, the sacred heart near the archway (we have many sacred heart designs in our fiance has the design tattooed on his chest and one of the firsts gifts I bought him was a magnet to hold our picture on his fridge. I have been in a planning rut and this just made it seem so real and obtainable:) thank you for a all the sites.

  36. Winning this would be awesome! Some of these items fit perfectly with my Alice in Wonderland wedding theme!

  37. Went to like all the pages and visit all the websites and almost forgot to come back! Love it all. Crossing my fingers to win!

  38. What a great giveaway. I “liked”, followed and added etsy pages to my “favorites”. Great vendors! Love them all!

  39. Liked and/or visited all pages! Lots of great things in here I could use for my wedding!

  40. Visited and liked them all! Such amazing items :) Love the Shabby Chic Partyware the best!!!! Screams special tea party to me…

  41. I love it ALL! Everything is so cute! I hope I win. My husband would go bezeerk! It’s all to girly for him, hence why I love it!

  42. I visited all the pages and sites… are giving away some wonderful items! Whomever wins is going to have a lovely party!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  43. I love all these products and everything you have on here! I really hope I am a winner – I couldn’t afford to get all of these items otherwise :) AWESOME!!!

  44. thank you for this! visited them and liked the ones on FB. Hope I win!! keeping fingers crossed, loved every single one of them :))))

  45. i lied and visited all. and friend requested the one. thanks for the opportuniity. what great unque items ad shops! i esp like inspired trading co. i favorited them on etsy

  46. I liked all the FB pages, Favorited the Etsy shops and visited the web sites…:-)

  47. Visited and liked all the wonderful vendors. So many perfect things for my daughters wedding!! Would love to win this. Fingers crossed.

  48. I liked and visited all of them. Such great representation listed!
    melanieinoh2003 at yahoo dot com

  49. I had never been to etsy before….now I know what it is! I love all the stores and have liked/visited all the pages. This mommy needs some pamperin and would LOVE the party supplies too. All mommy and grown up stuff has gotten put to the side for way too long!

  50. Liked EVERY participating vendor’s Facebook page and/or If they don’t have a FB page, I visited their site. LOVE everyone!! Awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much!

  51. I have visited and liked all the FB pages, checked out several websites, and visited and favorited the rest on Etsy! Thank you so much, fingers crossed!

  52. Oh my! What an awesome collection of shops. Thank you for introducing me to these great artists. Fingers crossed!

  53. Wow this is my favorite giveaway ever! Lots of great companies/products! I LOVED liking their facebook page or visiting their site! thanks for introducing them to us :)

  54. I liked all facebook pages, favorited all etsy shops & visited all other websites! I love this giveaway! :) Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  55. I don’t know how many times we can enter, but Good luck everyone! I’ve liked/visited all the pages

  56. great stuff!!! <3 <3 <3
    done checking out all the sites and liked the sponsor's fb pages/profile…

    good luck to all of us!!!

  57. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! It’s such an awesome prize package…I’m crossing my fingers and toes! I’d love to win! :)

  58. You have put together a wonderful selection of items for this giveaway. It was enjoyable going to each of their sites/facebook pages and seeing what else they offered. Whoever wins this will be lucky indeed.

  59. Love the items on this page. But have found some items on their pages I will be looking to buy for gifts! Liked or visited the pages/websites! I will be sharing this with friends!

  60. Great giveaway ! All the items and vendors are awesome and I would be overjoyed to win. Liked and visited all pages. Thank you!

  61. I liked all and looked and the websites and etsy pages! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  62. This is a really great contest. Thank you for introducing me to so many new, incredibly creative people. I love it all!

  63. I liked all Facebook pages, added the etsy sites to my favorites on etsy and visited the other sites. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway.

  64. LOVE this contest! The products are great! I’ve got some shopping to do whether I win or not! :)

  65. I have liked all their Facebook pages and visited their sites! So many great items here!!!! I would love to win!!!
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  66. Love love love discovering new awesome talent…some I already “liked” and now I’ve added more talent to my life..thank you for the opportunity to win fabulous items..keep doing what your doing..

  67. I have liked or visited all the vendors. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Great products! Thanks for linking me up with them. Must admit, I <3 Facebook. Would never know so many wonderful vendors existed without it…

  69. I liked and visited all of the sponsors and found out about some GREAT products, thanks!

  70. I have visited all of the amazing sites and liked the pages on Facebook. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  71. I have visited every page, liked all facebook pages and added all etsy pages to my favorites

  72. Liked, followed, and visited all pages! :) I sure hope I win! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  73. I liked and visited and hearted everyone except the asa jewelry site…couldn’t figure out how, but I love her stuff!

  74. WOW. These items are AWESOME! Visited all the pages and liked the ones on FB. Thanks!

  75. Great products for the giveaway!

    I liked all the FB pages. (Courtney Smith)

    I visited their sites.

    I added them to my favorites on etsy. (Courtney Smith)


    courtneytarver85 at yahoo dot com

  76. Happy Saturday,
    I do not have a facebook page but wanted to let you know I have contacted everyone either via their website or etsy shop. Wow…what fun stuff out there and some I had never seen…Thank you for such an awesome giveway!!!
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)